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Family Feedback

 Being able to discuss challenges/successes with Tammy and being able to come up with new strategies was very helpful. Also having a plan to follow was great as it allowed me to always know what to do next. It eliminated that additional stress. 


The original document was very helpful to go back to and review as well as the daily detailed schedule with a full day planned out. The check ins were also great opportunities to regroup and feel that the consultant was there to keep guiding you.  Tammy is a great listener and is very positive and reassuring during the process.


I really liked that Tammy was able to provide me with a written explanation of everything so that I could reference back when I needed help. The call we had was also very helpful! Everything was really good. With two kids it can be hard to find time to talk or answer messages, so I appreciated that she let me know that she was there in case I needed help (and I appreciated that she  checked in even just to tell me that I was doing great and that she was there in case I needed help!) I was able to figure out my baby’s sleep schedule pretty fast. Now I understand why he wouldn’t fall asleep before the training - I think he was over tired! I feel like Tammy gave me all the tools I needed to carry on on my own. She was great to work with and  really took your time to explain everything to me :)       Daniela

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